Beginning Course Creation with Pat Flynn

Live Training – REPLAY is here!

Ready to embark on the journey of creating and launching your very own online course?

Join the incomparable Pat Flynn on Thursday, March 14th at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET for an electrifying live training session. Get ready to be guided through every step of the process, from pinpointing a winning course idea to executing a successful launch – all achievable, even if you’re starting with a modest audience and no prior experience.

That date has passed but here is the REPLAY link!

And here’s the kicker – all it takes to gain access to this invaluable training is just one hour of your time. That’s right, one hour!

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During this exhilarating session, you’ll unlock:

  • The secrets to selecting the ideal course topic.
  • Foolproof, beginner-friendly instructions for crafting your course.
  • Battle-tested strategies for scoring that crucial first sale.

Pat Flynn’s life and business have been utterly transformed by online courses. He recently celebrated a monumental achievement, surpassing $5 million in earnings since launching his first course.

Now, it’s your turn to shine. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to join Pat for a power-packed one-hour workshop, where you’ll gain crystal-clear direction and actionable insights for your next steps.


This REPLAY video on YouTube covers three main topics: choosing the right course topics, an easy method for producing courses, and how to sell them.

Let’s get started. Online courses have evolved significantly. Previously, they were like encyclopedias, offering extensive information on a topic. However, that approach doesn’t work anymore. Information overload and short attention spans mean people want answers immediately.

Today’s profitable courses solve specific problems and promise desirable results. They don’t overwhelm with unnecessary information; instead, they focus on getting learners to a specific outcome.

Smart Passive Income Program

Pat Flynn is an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster best known for his Smart Passive Income (SPI) brand. After being laid off from his architecture job during the 2008 recession, Flynn turned to online business and quickly found success. He started the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast, where he shares his experiences, strategies, and tips for building passive income streams and successful online businesses.

The Smart Passive Income program encompasses various platforms, including blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and online courses, all aimed at helping people create and grow their online businesses. Through SPI, Flynn provides valuable resources, case studies, and expert interviews, covering topics such as affiliate marketing, email marketing, online courses, and entrepreneurship. His transparent and authentic approach has earned him a loyal following and made SPI a trusted resource in the online business community.

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